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Swimming Pool Enclosures

Covered pool
Swimming Pool

The story from one of our customers….

Having a swimming pool is a fantastic addition to any home but we found that we were limited in terms of how often we could comfortably use it. We then decided to take the plunge (sorry!) and have a conservatory built around the pool.

What a difference – apart from looking stunning, we can now use the pool all year round. In the summer we open up the bifold doors and use the pool as part of the garden even on the colder summer days. By having the glass roof we also find that the pool can heat up naturally so we no longer need to heat it from May to September which keeps the heating bills down. In the winter we can still use the pool which is great for us and our extended family. Last year we spent Christmas day by the pool with our Grandchildren!!

How can we help?

We can help you to enjoy the best of both worlds with your pool. With an enclosure you can enjoy your swimming even when the weather is less than perfect and with a glass surround the pool will retain heat better too.

On a hot day, with your bifold, sliding or French doors opened up the pool will still benefit from the fresh air and sunshine. A glass room is simply the perfect solution for all pool owners!